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The most outstanding medical transcription service. Helping physicians nationwide with intuitive clinical documentation solutions since 2002.
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  • Tollfree Telephone Dictation
  • iPhone/iPad Dictation App
  • Olympus DVR Supported
  • Listen/Review/Edit
  • Approve/E-Sign
  • Fast & Easy Search
  • PDF, RTF or Text
  • Print, Fax or Email
  • EHR Delivery
I have been using OvernightScribe for several months and have been extremely happy with the results. I dictate very detailed letters with templates that were designed with OvernightScribe and they have been accurate with all of the data. They have the letters ready the next morning and I read and approve them and can then email or fax or upload them into my EMR easily. Whenever I have had a question I received an answer back rapidly and they have always helped to solve any problem that may arise. This is an excellent service that has met my expectations in all areas.
Judith Goldberg-Berman M.D., Ph.D.
Greenwich, CT
OvernightScribe was a life saver for our consultative practice eight years ago when we realized our transcription service was inefficient and over priced. They were professional in every way and helped set our templates with a terrific level of accuracy and turnaround time. When our needs changed with EMR, they were also very responsive and accommodating and we still have them "on staff". I have no hesitation recommending this company.
Sleman Khoury, M.D.
Southgate, MI
Easy Dictation
  • Tollfree Telephone
  • Accent iOS App (iPad & iPhone)
  • Olympus DVR
Outstanding Service
  • Easy dictation
  • Simple workflow
  • Flexible delivery
  • Affordable rates
Accent on iPad
Upload Dictations
Access Transcriptions
Print, Email & Fax
Accent on iPhone/iPhod
Record & Edit Audio
Enter Name & MRN
Upload over Wi-Fi
  • Listen / Review / Edit
  • Approve / E-Sign
  • Print, Fax or Email
  • Fast & Easy Search
True Mobility

Chrome Extension

Clipboard, first of its kind Chrome Extension to transfer transcriptions to EHRs.

  • Paste Notes to Online EHRs
  • Plain Text & SOAP Format
  • Easy Mapping to EHR Fields
  • Multiple File Formats
  • PDF, RTF or Text
  • EHR Delivery
  • Affordable Rates
  • Free Trial
  • 2 Week Money Back Guarantee
OvernightScribe brings quality, order and control into your dictation and medical transcription workflow.

OvernightScribe is the only medical transcription service that offers variety in clinical documentation tools.

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Outstanding Medical Transcription Service
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Dedicated Toll Free Number
  • iPad/iPhone Apps
  • Olympus Recorder supported
  • Highly Secure
  • Fast & Reliable Turnaround
  • Any Time Anywhere Access
  • High Accuracy/Quality
  • Multiple Delivery Options
Trusted Medical Transcription Service

Leading healthcare providers trust us for their medical transcription needs.

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